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An Innovative Approach to Recruiting

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An Innovative Approach to Recruiting

“This role required Hire Champ to understand not only the role we were hiring but to learn the style and preferences of a hiring manager new to my team. We are not terribly good at defining the roles we are hiring so Hire Champ interviewed our team to create a solid profile and then sourced two ideal candidates which we ran through the process and ultimately hired both who continue to work for us today.” —JG, CEO and Founder


“For this role, the recruiting and definition process Hire Champ utilizes was critical. The requirements started out as “I need to find a person who can do the technical part of what I do and has the ability to evolve to handle the sales elements and move into the CTO role for our company.” Through the discovery process a solid profile was built and an ideal candidate was identified. We hired this individual a little over a year ago. The skills evolution process Hire Champ helped architect has worked very well and continues today.” —JC, President


“The consultant from Hire Champ easily learned a complex and quirky applicant tracking system. She is extremely intelligent and was able to see both the big picture and the important details. We were relieved to have her support our staff because the department was a very tense and unhappy place. Hire Champ was able to “take the high road” and keep the hiring process running smoothly. She made great suggestions for improvement, asked good questions, became acquainted with dozens of hiring managers, and conducted recruiting processes in a highly organized way. I don’t know what we would have done without her!” —MD, Human Resources Manager


Your Hire Process

Hire Champ, LLC. takes a consultative approach to contingent recruiting.  The founders bring an entrepreneurial background in IT Services, SaaS offerings and Staffing to the recruitment process.  Hire Champ aids clients in building a solid and efficient recruitment and onboarding process.


Leverage our resources and increase the stream of qualified candidates and screening. We’re plugged into networking, mining, referrals, scouting and advertising. 


We offer interview planning and job offer negotiation. Each hiring plan we design is catered to individual client needs and draws out valuable inherent candidate qualities.


We live to inspire your team and create momentum with motivated candidates. We incorporate a strategic follow up and measure the success of your new team dynamic.

What We Do

  • We efficiently use your time to best define your goals in hiring
  • We learn and understand what it take to be a success on your team
  • We source through a variety of channels
  • We present candidates that are motivated by your vision of success
  • We work with integrity to best represent your brand as an employer

What We Don’t Do

  • Stack resumes on your desk because they contain your keywords
  • Present candidates that haven’t been screened
  • Hide information
  • Limit ourselves to one source of candidates

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Tania McEvoy SPHR  |  Senior Technical Recruiter & Founder

tania@hirechamp.com  |  303-588-6356