Recruiting is Team Building

The recruiters at Hire Champ know that hiring is not about placing one resume with keywords into a position description with matching keywords. We bring expertise and diligence to the process to place the right candidate into the right team to meet team goals and objectives.

Upfront, Hire Champ will dig into team goals and dynamics. We dig deeper because we find candidates that are motivated to contribute to team success and building the relationships both internally and externally to contribute fully. These details are too often overlooked in the recruiting process but it has been our experience that these are the most important details in both sourcing the candidate and in supporting the hiring manager in onboarding the new employee.

In sourcing, Hire Champ recruiters are also digging deeper in conversations with candidates and sources. It has been our experience that the best new employees are not actively out looking for new jobs. Screening candidates is closely tied to sourcing candidate. We commonly speak with candidates who may not even include the skills we are looking for on their public profile but are surprised that their experience sets them up for a new opportunity that they hadn’t even imagined. Our recruiters have worked as career coaches and bring those skills into sourcing the best possible employees for an open position.

Our success comes from our intense interest and study of how people connect and work together.  We source and present candidates both who have the right skills and are inspired by the goals and mission of both the company and their contribution to the success.

Tania McEvoy SPHR

Senior Technical Recruiter Founder

Like most recruiters, I fell into it by accident.  I studied International Relations and was unsure of what I would do when I returned from introducing bicycle mills to women’s’ cooperatives in Nicaragua.  It ended up being a great fit and I retain my fascination with matching people to environments in which they feel confident about their contributions and they add value to their employer.  

I have spent most of my career working as an internal recruiter starting with a newly funded software company that made tools for embedded systems development and then later as a founder in a company that created software tools to aid in the delivery of managed services through hosting companies.  I was actively involved in the software development team’s implementation of Agile methodologies and promoted the implementation across company processes.  I bring my experience as an internal recruiter and founder into every recruitment engagement along with a respect for the hiring manager’s expertise in building their team. My passion for building long term, mutually beneficial teams led me to earn the  Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) certification through the Human Resources Certification Institute.  

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Tania McEvoy SPHR  |  Senior Technical Recruiter & Founder

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